Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair

  • The Pumpkin Fair

    Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair

    We invite you to join us for a day of fun in the fall …
    at the 2016 Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair. The gates open at 9:00 and the fun starts at 10:00. Take a walk through the down town and check out the car show or take the kids to the mini midway, You might even enjoy the farmers market offering fresh baking and unique hand crafted goods. The pumpkin weigh-off starts at noon with AJ Keller of CFCW taking us through the grower entries.

  • The Car Show

    Iron Cruisers Show & Shine

    Cars file into the town of Smoky Lake from all over Alberta to participate in the annual Pumpkin Fair and Iron Horse Cruisers Show and Shine. Visitors to the Pumpkin Fair can stroll the streets and avenues of Smoky Lake enjoying the beauty and nostalgia this show offers. The cars range from our favourite muscle cars to vehicles from the 1930s and older. You can stop for a doughnut at the bakery or get a hotdog from one of the street vendors while you enjoy the 50s music playing in the background.

  • The Weigh off

    The weigh off

    Doors open at 9:00 on Oct. 1st.
    You can browse through the pumpkin fair souvenirs or enjoy the mini midway including a petting zoo,food venders and much more. At 10:00AM the show begins . Then at noon The Great White North Weigh-off begins with AJ Keller of CFCW.

  • The Pumpkin Drop

    The Pumpkin Drop

    When the weigh-off is complete and the prizes have been awarded the show is not yet over it’s time for the great White North pumpkin drop. The pumpkins are hoisted a few stories up into the air by a crane and dropped onto a car. Watch this You-Tube video to see the show.