Smoky Lake Museum

The Smoky Lake and District Cultural Society volunteers welcome you to the Smoky Lake Museum. Located in the historic Victoria School building which dates back to one of the first schools in the area.

Smoky Lake MuseumA walk through the building will take you back in time to when homes were lit with cool oil lamps and bread was baked in an outdoor wood fired oven. You will also see locally crafted wood carvings as well as several taxidermy displays of regional birds and animals.

In front of the building we have the historical Pakan Ferry. In 1999 it was restored and moved to the front of the museum. The society takes pride in preserving this unique treasure.

On the back of the property there are dozens of restored historical farm machinery and equipment with pieces dating back to homesteader days.

Your trip to the Smoky Lake museum will be an adventure you will not soon forget.

In 1983, local residents shared some stories and photographs to put together a History Book called “Our Legacy” – an excellent book of stories and pictures of the settlers in and around Smoky Lake. The printed version is no longer available. However it has now been reproduced on DVD in a PDF format. Here is a link for purchase information.

This site will take you on a slideshow tour of the museum. You will also enjoy the video section taking you on a demonstration of pioneer harvest time and baking in an outdoor oven. The video section also includes a National Film Board documentary on our early Ukrainian pioneers. You’ll see how the early settlers ground their grain and turned it into flour using a stone grinding wheel.

This site also offers a few video clips with a preview of the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair.


5622-49th Street
Smoky Lake, Alberta Canada
T0A 3C0

Contact Ron @ 780 656-0440
or Carole @ 780 656-4135


Open July and Augest
Random days on the weekend or by appointment Open Pumpkin Fair- 1st Saturday in October

Admission: is by donation.